€180/ night
Sleeps 2 Half Cave, Half Local Stonemasonry
Reseliva Rezervasyon Motoru & Kanal Yönetimi

Wake up to beautiful Cappadocia mornings

This was the living room of the house with the kitchen next to it. Now the kitchen is a beautiful bathroom with an Ottoman bathtub and a small hamam (Turkish Bath). From the window it has a stunning view of almost all of the Cappadocia region with Mt. Erciyes (Argaeus) view which is one of the volcanoes responsible for creating this unique geological region. The bedroom has one and the bathroom has two windows opening onto stunning Cappadocia views. It also has a small patio at the front, again with the same stunning view of the region. You can even have breakfast here at your own patio while enjoying the view. Don’t get surprised if you wake up to beautiful Cappadocia mornings with tens of hot air balloons in front of you

ottoman interior


24 Hours Concierge Service

King Size Bed

Free Internet

Room Safe

Stunning View


Bathroom Amenities


Central heating

Tea - Coffee

Hair Dryer



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