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Welcome to Maya Cave

Reseliva Rezervasyon Motoru & Kanal Yönetimi

Our Story

We are 3 friends who have been working passionately in the tourism industry for more than 25 years. And our love for Cappadocia inspired us to create a special and unique a hotel here. We all believe it was fortunate of us to find this place, which we have called 'Maya Cave'. The stunning views were the first thing that struck us, followed by the unique and beautiful architecture of the individual rooms and building. After a big discussion we decided to call it Maya and gave the names of some of the great Anatolian civilizations’ names to the rooms. Maya is the Turkish word for yeast but we often use it as a general term as the source of bread and therefore life. All these ancient civilizations have had a marked effect on the region, so in their own way they have all become a part of it. Hittites; 2000 BC from central Turkey, Urartians; 1000 BC from eastern Turkey, Lycians; 600BC from South West of Turkey, Byzantine; 300s AD and Ottomans; 1300s AD. And here we are now…

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